How to arrange a villa in a rustic style: Stages of the process

On Austrian land, non -rying in Ahzenttraten is offered to sell a villager in a rustic style with a modern level of comfort. This beautiful building is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, away from crowded tourist places, in a quiet and cozy Austrian village. The main part of the house is traditionally connected by an additional extension of a large Wellness zone and sauna. An impeccable fairy -tale look opens from the windows of the villa. Last year, a huge amount of work to repair villas, replacing electrical equipment, plumbing were carried out. All water supply pipes, boiler equipment, and sexual heating of the premises were replaced. Wiring, electric equipment, lightning rod – a new sample and a high level of safety was installed. The villa is heated with liquid gas, there are also fireplaces where you can dilute the traditional fire. A full -fledged sewage and treatment facilities have been brought to the house, which will save large amounts for utilities for water supply and sewage. The area of ​​the villa consists of forest and meadows, the total area of ​​which is 12,000 square meters. Also on the territory of the site there is a biologically clean swimming pond proven by state bodies. On the ground floor of the house there is a sauna, Velnes, a heating boiler room, a toilet, a garage for two cars, on the second floor of the villa: 2 rooms, an entrance hall, a balcony, a toilet and a shower, an open terrace, a kitchen, connected to the dining room. On the top floor of the house there are a hallway, a toilet, a bathroom, a children’s room, a dressing room in the form of a room room, a bedroom from fireplaces. As additional equipment, sexual heating of the entire building was installed. Villa was erected in 1980, reconstructed last year. During the reconstruction to the house, an extension was made, biological treatment facilities were installed, and the equipment of the boiler room was updated