Hotel with two Village Royal

A hotel with two stars called Village Royal Goa is popular among tourists who are used to primarily appreciate the surrounding atmosphere, beaches, the lady and at the same time quite economically relate to the cost of vacation.

This hotel is, if not the most popular among our vacationers, then certainly not the most unknown in the circles of Goa lovers throughout the country. This economical option allows not only to enjoy the lovely greenery that grows in the north of the Goa, and at the same time to feel quite comfortable (and this is given that this institution has only officially two stars).

To begin with, this hotel has a design of a multi -storey building and is more similar in appearance to a training campus or camp for Soviet -type children. However, this Village Royal Goa does not spoil at all, but creates an atmosphere of the time when the house in the forest was considered the best rest.

As for how to get there and how much it will take – this is a separate conversation. It will be necessary to spend time from the airport in order to overcome forty kilometers, and you will have to get to the beach for ten to fifteen minutes (two kilometers). There is a hotel itself on the outskirts of the village, therefore, to say that you were brought into impenetrable jungle is not a very right statement. Rather, this is the line of civilization, allowing you to feel completely free from your hardships and worries of harsh everyday life.

The hotel belongs to the category of large. Numbers here are more than enough. But, oddly enough, they are almost always filled to captivity by tourists from different countries. To be more accurate, Village Royal Go has an area of ​​one hundred and forty rooms, which is a fairly impressive indicator.

The default number implies the presence of a balcony and a bathroom, where there is both a shower and a toilet (with toilet belongs), and even a hair dryer. The services of a safe and the Internet are provided for an additional fee, while the fan and satellite television are already included in payment. However, the phone (and fax), air conditioning, mini-bar and even refrigerator fall into the same category!

Of course, two stars do not mean a full range of entertainment, but for children there is a separate playground and there is a pool. Adults can use parking services.