What is the villa for 60 million euros

In Switzerland, a villa is sold for almost 60 million euros. This is a rather chic villa is located on the shores of Lake Geneva and is offered to customers for 57.7 million euros. Real estate market experts believe that this amount is unprecedented, while it is specified that the building has an area of ​​645 square meters. meters and it stands north of Geneva.

Rham Sotheby “S – Swiss Agency has been selling this luxury real estate since the beginning of summer. At this point, there are a certain number of proposals, but the buyer has not yet been decided, the agency says, and other comments on this issue do not give. Since the owner of the villa does not want to read or listen to gossip about this transaction and quite persistently recommended that the agency not spread to outsiders about the transaction. The premises belongs to Jerry del Monsieur, Canadian banker, he is a former top manager from Barclays Bank. This villa was built by South African architects, it was erected in the Art Nouveau style and there is a picturesque garden around the building, in addition, the building has a fully glazed facade, from here the residents of the Lake open up to the residents. The Daily Mail from Britain calls this real estate the most calm in the world. French publications recall that everything is relative in the world,. To. A lively road runs near Villa, the railway tracks also pass nearby, aircraft flying to the Villa, which are landing at Geneva Airport.