Honest review about Bangkok City Hotel: What I liked

The hotel was chosen based on the quality, after reading the reviews on the website of the online booking of hotels. I wanted to take a break from work and the bustle of the city, and for such purposes, the hotel is perfectly suitable. Armored the number through the customer service department. Finally took a long-planned trip. A unique opportunity to take a walk in the evening along the seashore, this is unforgettable! The hotel is very affected by the hotel. And even by visiting Thailand many times and living in different areas and different hotels – we really liked Bangkok City Hotel. Relatively modern hotel with a very beautiful territory built on the slope of the mountain. Obviously, the hotel has a great future.

The numbers are large, however, San. The knot with a shower is small, but everything you need is: a hair dryer, a lot of snow -white towels, a terry robe, slippers. The menu, in general, is a normal, diverse, large selection of fruits, herbs, meat, fish, few seafood, from drinks – did without alcohol. Hot dishes alternate in turn daily throughout the week and the dish is not one, but several… Full of snacks… Animation – for young children, just magnificent, two Russian -speaking girls spent just professionally. Very large beach and convenient entrance to the water, everything is very clean, no garbage. Beach small pebbles with sand clean. The choice is very satisfied. In general, the hotel has more advantages than minuses. Not all Bangkok hotels are as good as this.