How to make a house quiet: with your own hands

Comfortable housing is not only warm, cleanliness and comfortable atmosphere, this is still silence. Third -winged sounds of rumbling technology, swearing neighbors or passing by cars few who will be left in a calm and calm mood. In order to get rid of negative emotions, you need to take care of the insulation of the dwelling from extraneous noise in advance. An important role in the issue of extraneous noise is played by the site on which the house is located. Before buying new housing, you do not have to rush, at a low price of housing, considering this reasonable compensation for the noisy environment. It is better to think over the future prospects of constant noise from passing trains, flying aircraft or rumbling trucks. By the way, metal tiles are used for quiet houses, almost always builders install it precisely.

External noise can cause constant lack of sleep and, as a result, the emergence of poor health with a further transition to neurosis. It is better to choose a site for living in a residential quarter, where not a very intense road traffic. Having walked around the residential area, get acquainted with the local infrastructure, the presence of construction sites, night discos, beer bars, etc. D. These objects are sources of increased noise. If possible, ask the future neighbors or in the department of the local architecture bureau about the possible prospects of the future construction of large industrial facilities, supermarkets, and automobile highways.