Burdzh Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai – a new attraction of the city

The magnificent high-rise of the Burj Khalifa immediately after the opening became an icon of Dubai and the entire Middle East. Some even call her a newly -made Babylonian tower. When the construction of a skyscraper has come to an end, he broke all conceivable and unimaginable records.

Due to its uniqueness and scale, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper managed to install about twenty different achievements, for example, he was officially recognized as the highest building in the history of mankind, the fastest elevators in the world are also installed here, the highest restaurant, mosque are located and much more.

The height of the Burdh-Halphus is 828 meters. The construction of this tower required 1.5 billion dollars and 6 years of the most difficult high -altitude work. The highest residential floor of the skyscraper is located at an altitude of 584 meters, followed by a huge 244-meter steel spire, where communication equipment is located.

For tourists who want to evaluate all the heights that prolonged to heaven, a viewing platform on the 124th floor (452 ​​meters) was designed, from where an incredible view of the expanses of Dubai opens.

Burdzh -Khalifa is a multifunctional building. More than 900 apartments, a hotel for 304 rooms, a huge underground parking for 3,000 cars fit in it, and 35 floors were given to offices.

By the way, with regard to the financial issue, despite the huge costs of building a skyscraper, he paid off in incredibly short time – in just one year. This is explained by a very great interest in the project from the public.

They did not leave aside the highest tower and extremes in the world. She began to attract the most frostbitten Beisjampers, who sometimes without permission climbed the latest floors of buildings and received true pleasure from a free fall. In addition, the famous French Scalolas Alain Robert climbed into the Burdzh Khalifa skyscraper, which took only 6 hours for it. Also, do not forget about the blockbuster “Mission Impossible 3”, where Tom Cruz in the role of Itan Hunt in an extreme way climbed the skyscraper.