Do all the requirements of the new building in the suburbs meet all the requirements

Recently, suburban real estate in the suburbs has been in the active stage of development. Thus, individual original projects are being developed, cottage villages are being built, and new construction sites are created in different directions.

The price of suburban cottages and houses in the suburbs, of course, is high, there is no need to argue here. But the cost of metropolitan housing is even higher. In addition, in Moscow there is an acute lack of sites for new buildings, and the construction of new buildings in the historical part of the city is almost impossible. These factors negatively affect the construction of new buildings in Moscow.

Today, cottage villages have a fairly developed infrastructure – these are playgrounds, and parks, as well as reservoirs for relaxation. These villages are usually equipped with round -the -clock security. The buyer has the opportunity to buy a country cottage at the early stage of the finish, and then translate into reality all his ideas regarding the design and decoration of a real ideal house.

Modern suburban real estate near Moscow is represented by different price segments. Thus, an economy class, business class and elite housing are represented. The value of real estate is determined by belonging to a certain segment and transportation from the capital. For example, with regard to transport accessibility, here the Eastern Moscow Region is somewhat inferior to the Western, and therefore this is reflected in the prices of housing in these directions.

According to experts, the number of customers who change urban housing to suburban is only increasing annually. The increase in the cost of land is from 25 to 80%, depending on the direction, as well as on the parameters of the object, on Night real estate – from 27 to 70.