Features of planning a house with an area of ​​10 kV. meters

This is a house with an area of ​​only 10 square meters. To imagine it, remember the size of your garage. But this person looks like a very happy owner of the house, and believes that this is normal, and you should also live as well as.

Short note: this is not a project of the Modern house, of course, but what you will see now and hear you will not leave you indifferent. You will not believe it, but he even has a fireplace. This small equipment with a tiny flame and tiny heat is located in a very small living room of the house. As soon as he gets a folding table, a kitchen appears.

His kitchen looks quite pretty. It has a small shell, and a small stove. Where he has a refrigerator, you ask? Under the sink, he opens the compartment where we see a tiny refrigerator. The refrigerator, it seems, will not be able to place six packets of beer in himself, so I don’t know how this guy can live happily ever after.

He is especially happy for his bathroom. This is a kind of good idea-know-how. This is a bathroom in which there is a shower.

Surprise, this house in two floors! On the top floor is his bedroom. He made good ventilation here. Here we see a large bed, he claims with a rather mischievous face that she can accommodate even two.

Why few people want to live in such a tiny house? He is perplexed.