Features of the choice of real estate in Turkey: what to take into account

Every year the number of Russians who bought real estate in Turkey is increasing. Someone buys for investment for a summer vacation, someone in search of a better life. The prices here are not the highest, because you can buy a good apartment, or even a house on the lake on the price of a price sometimes even lower than the secondary in Moscow.

They say about Turkey that the quality of life is better here, and the climate is warmer, so many Russians buy housing exactly there. But everyone has their own characteristics and opinion on this subject. New language, new customs and rules, this is a matter of taste. This year, a high tributary of Russians in Turkey is expected.

Flight prices are also affordable. You can calmly hit the week in Turkey and relax. At the same time, rest in Turkey for many Russians is cheaper than in Sochi.

The choice of real estate here is very large, the prices are the same different. You can buy a small apartment for 30 thousand euros, or you can buy a villa for 2 million euros. There is also a sale of office real estate. Regarding this, I must say that the sale of office real estate in Moscow and in Turkey has similar prices. These prices are quite acceptable. Therefore, you can safely buy an office.

If earlier banks for lending to Russians were not very willing to, in comparison with the British, today the situation has changed. Banks open the doors to Russian customers, they give them the opportunity to acquire Turkish real estate. Therefore, do not miss this chance today.