How the real estate market works in a crisis: Features

The real estate market in the crisis was noticeably sagging, but the pace of housing commissioned is practically not decreasing. They are especially great in the sector expensive premium housing. Elite new buildings are commissioned by almost pre -crisis pace. One of these houses is the new residential complex “Vienna House”.

Vienna House is a truly unique project. The house was built in a very picturesque lane, which has retained a special Old Moskovsky flavor, which cannot be created artificially. Such an atmosphere cannot be created by some special design design or stylistic solutions, it can only be preserved where it has developed historically. A residential complex in the Viennese style looks especially unusual in such an atmosphere, this cultural dissonance gives the place a special unique attractiveness. Residential complex Vienna House is a premium house. Experienced designers and architects worked on it, the efforts of which were embodied in a real masterpiece of modern architecture.

Valuable wood, natural marble and other high -quality finishing materials were used in the decoration of the house. All this is perfectly supplemented by the refined Venetian plaster and together creates an atmosphere of sophisticated European luxury, the image of the house in which the real Western aristocracy lives.

Unusual architecture for Russia and expensive finishing materials – these are not all the features of the residential complex, its yard closed from prying eyes is also beautiful. Ideal lawns, a children’s gaming mini-city and a walking area fade against the background of the most beautiful fountain, which is decorated with a shiny statue in every sense of the word. In addition to all this, the residential complex can offer its own fitness club with premium equipment and highly qualified personnel, a closed guarded parking for vehicles, which is located under round -the -clock video surveillance. The entire territory of the residential complex for a clock seven days a week is under guard, which will not allow any freelance situation in the territory of the house.