How the real estate of Bulgaria and Forex are interconnected with each other

In mid -July, data on the real estate market in Bulgaria were posted. Based on them, we can safely say that foreign investors confidently replace the local population by the number of transactions. Compared to Turkey, Greece and France – last year’s leaders in real estate sales to foreign citizens today Bulgaria confidently escaped forward.

How can this affect Forex? We will not go into forecasts, we recommend that you simply trace the euro – Bulgarian lion (EUR/BGN). Larks are possible. Of course, you can’t earn millions, but it is quite possible to conduct several successful transactions. After all, the sale of real estate in Bulgaria to foreign investors brings considerable amounts from abroad to the country’s budget. Accordingly, the currency strengthens the well -being of citizens in the same way.

Why Bulgaria? Greece has a terrible financial situation, and it is not known what awaits the country in the future. The IMF applies all the forces to save her, but so far there are no special results, and the visible stability can collapse at any moment. In France, in comparison with last year, prices rose by 10-15%, and this makes investments unexpected. Well, in Turkey, an unstable political situation scares investors. It turns out that from the most attractive countries there were Montenegro and Bulgaria, where there is an unprecedented rise in the real estate market and the economy as a whole. This cannot but affect the national currency of countries, but it is too early to draw conclusions. We all know that trade in the Forex market does not tolerate rash acts.