How to automate a restaurant business: what to take into account

Catering enterprises, as well as enterprises of other spheres, gradually come to the need to automate various processes of activity, including the automation and optimization of those processes that are not directly related to cooking.

At exhibitions, automatic customer service lines are often demonstrated, that is, the creation of cafes and canteens of self -service, as well as restaurants that work in the daytime as quick customer service points. This is only one side of the work.

An important part is the optimization of those processes that are not visible to the visitor: registration of customers who have arrived, communication with the grocery warehouse, acceptance of products, accounting, accounting for products, etc. D.

Also, as in the enterprises of the non -food sector, a package of programs is installed that optimize document management, R -Keeper – a system for automation of restaurants that can be purchased, makes it possible to reduce the time for the processes indicated above.

The full-functional system R-Keeper really solves the problems of automation of power enterprises. It has been based on the features of the restaurant business in the Russian Federation, and since 1990. Improved taking into account changes in GOST, regulatory documents, legislation, in accounting and warehouse accounting. There are several versions of the program:

R-Keeper ™ V6 is a standard for automation of the restaurant business in Russia and Eastern Europe.

R-Keeper V7 is a new version with unlimited functionality for control or one restaurant, or a network with a large number of objects (version 2007.)

R-Keeper 6100-software and technical complex for low-budget power enterprises (version 2008.)