How to choose a dungeon estate: what you need to know

There are different houses. For example, the German designer Van Bo L-Men created a miniature house for those who love closed spaces. But Polish architects have offered an amazing project for those who can afford a large and modern country house.

They provided everything – they created a cozy, comfortable house and at the same time supplemented it with their own dungeons, making it the main and very attractive element of this architectural masterpiece. The presence of a dungeon to those who do not represent their lives without a car will seem especially convenient. After all, if the house is outside the city, then you sometimes have to get to the place of work and study. And the car in this case acts as the fastest and most reliable means for moving. But the garage does not always make the appearance of the house attractive, because even it is difficult for professionals to turn a bulky structure into a designer “candy”.

Polish architects were able to harmoniously fit the garage into the proposed space, and at the same time successfully disguised it-agree that it is almost impossible to determine what is hidden under a bright green lawn. Designers raised the level of the yard, and hid the porch to the estate underground, providing for a way out of the dungeon at the very house. Thus, the garage has become an integral part of the house and an element of the landscape. And the tunnel under the personal plot serves as a road connecting the main road and the house. It is worth noting that the dungeon will be equipped according to the wishes of the owner of the estate. The famous collector intends to hang the best works of his collection on the walls of the tunnel.

Perhaps we are not as wealthy as the Polish collector. But build your own house is in our power. For example, the cottage village of Lesnaya Lesza proposes to purchase land plots at an affordable cost. To begin with, you need to choose a suitable site, order a project at the architectural bureau, and then bring the most daring ideas to life.