How to correctly analyze the market rental market

In the context of the rapid growth of industrial production, entrepreneurs are arise for the placement of both finished products and raw material components that will be needed in the near future. The situation is often complicated by the fact that there are often not enough its own areas for reserves.

One way to solve such a problem is to rent warehouses. This term is understood as the fact that the owner of the warehouse transfers the exclusive rights to own his property to the lessee for the period agreed in the contract. The key condition for its entry into force is regular and timely payment, in accordance with the agreements of the parties.

As for the choice of warehouse, today the vast majority of offers in this market segment are Soviet buildings located in the industrial zone. Such objects are characterized by significant wear, and engineering networks are in a deplorable state, which often makes it impossible to fully use them for storing specific goods that make special requirements for the microclimate of the room.

Despite the fact that warehouses rental services are currently very popular, the number of new buildings designed in accordance with modern requirements is not enough, and, depending on the region, does not exceed 10 – 15% of the total supply. Moreover, a significant part of the current complexes is not framed as warehouses or property rights are not issued to them, which creates additional obstacles to renting them.