How to correctly and independently apply for privatization

Each person to buy a land plot inexpensively in the old days did not have problems, but now there have been a lot of problems about the registration of property rights in the Moscow region.

A lot of people, at the present time who have received land many years ago, want to re -privatize their land plots. In fact, such an ordinary process can be concealed in itself many intrigues and dangers.

Any person who uses a land plot is primarily obliged to write a statement to the local council, without who is the owner. The document should write the function of the land: for development, for agricultural work, and so on. After the Council to consider the application, he makes a decision, which indicates confirmation of the privatization of the Earth or a refusal of this. One can say one thing that if the land was used by the owner for many years, then the council will give a very possible positive answer. There are also such moments that the refusal sounds due to the lack of free territory.

The next stage in the privatization of the Earth is that the act of land is issued. In order to miss this moment, the owner should contact the land management company. In many cities, there are a lot of such offices, but you should choose one and good, so that it correctly executed all the necessary documentation. While all documents are being prepared, the land was frozen. If the earth was used, then the measurement is carried out along the edge of the owner’s fence. Before such a procedure, the boundary of the Earth should first be agreed with the neighbors that there were no problems and disputes in the future. The staff who work in the land management office calculates the cordit of the land plot and draw up a special plan. It is worth remembering. That all the services produced are not free, the starting price is 300 conditional units.