How to pre -prepare documents for the sale of land

Real estate transactions always require preliminary preparation of documents. Therefore, before the sale of, for example, a land plot or other suburban real estate, the land should be put on cadastral registration.

That is, in the documents to Earth indicates the cadastral number and other characteristics that determine its category.

The design of the land is as follows. An application and other title documents for cadastral registration are submitted to the local authority. A month later, the applicant receives in the prescribed manner cadastral plans or maps of land plots, a unique number and address. You can calmly conclude a purchase and sale transaction.

Land -based plots that are not previously registered will require additional land surveying. The invited cadastral engineer will determine the boundaries of the land plot, set the signs of surveying and draw up a plan for the land sold.

Samples of old land plans made before 2000 are valid. But the seller has the right to demand a plan of a new sample. The transaction of the sale of a land plot can be carried out in a simple or notarized form. If the form of the contract is not observed, then the whole transaction is considered invalid. Also, the termination of the contract can be the qualitative properties of the Earth, the cost of the site and d. R.