Is it worth it to make a studio from a one -room apartment

For most families, a one -room apartment is very close and complete inconvenience. The cramped of such an apartment was felt by those who have lived in it for many years. But if you decide to redevelop your apartment and bring it to mind, then in the end you will get an excellent functional studio apartment. Such an apartment will be a very good, fashionable and convenient solution.

This type of apartments is not an innovation and are in good demand in Europe. However, such apartments were used earlier in America, as budget housing.

Today, such a solution is chosen not only as a result of the redevelopment of the apartment, but also initially when building a house. Since there are no walls in the studio, designer screens, and catwalks do a great job with its functions. Also for such an apartment is advised to choose an interior that will be divided into different zones.

In such an apartment, you can easily receive guests. In the kitchen, instead of the wall, a bar counter will fit perfectly, which will also perfectly emphasize the interior. If you add different lights to the interior, then, depending on the situation, you can get a fun or romantic atmosphere.

But when choosing furniture for such a studio apartment, it is advisable to choose such furniture that will not clutter up its interior. For such apartments, such styles as modern, ethno-style or high-tech are perfect for such apartments. Of course, you can surrender to your imagination and come up with an interior, given your preferences.

And do not forget to agree on such a redevelopment with state bodies before starting construction work. It is best to entrust this to specialists in this field – they will help you get a permit for redevelopment in a short time.

Wooden houses built using modern technologies can stand for more than a hundred years and at the same time the wood is practically not aging. The means of protecting wood from decay, such as primer, paint, whitewash, enamel, azure and various antibacterial impregnations allow you to achieve this.