Latest news about real estate market in Kyiv

Acquisition of any real estate, whether it is housing or commercial object, a rather complicated event. If the option is considered with the purchase of real estate in the capital of Ukraine, as a rule, attention is paid to the affordable budget and the location of the object.

Even a rather complicated political situation in the country, although it was affected by construction and demand for real estate, but still metropolitan construction is not stopped, new objects are being built, which allows yesterday’s customers to become the owners of modern housing.

Customers are quite sustainable for customers in new houses built on Obolon and Podol. These are metropolitan areas with good ecology, decent infrastructure, this is where the popularity of local new buildings is associated.

More than three dozen residential complexes and many other separate facilities continue to be actively built in these areas. In the first half of this year, several residential complexes were commissioned.

In general, there is a decrease in the cost of land for private construction, so the cost of the beginning of the year has decreased by almost a third and amounts to two thousand hundred dollars in the United States per hundred square meters.

At the same time, secondary real estate begins to restore its “position”. But many experts believe that this is a temporary phenomenon, in the long run it is quite difficult to predict. A splash is due to the fact that many bank depositors took deposits from financial institutions and decided to invest in Kyiv real estate. Also, immigrants from the eastern regions of Ukraine come to the capital.