Rhythmic series of green stripes: how development is carried out

Construction of facilities and the development of cities and digital PBXs.

A rhythmic series of green stripes was introduced into the development, crossing the area in the meridional direction and dividing each residential quarter PA separate, different in their functional purpose of the territory – residential buildings and sections of schools and children’s institutions. Thus, the main characteristic feature of a sketch project is the alternation of groups of residential buildings with extensive green ruptures, in which it is planned to place schools and children’s institutions from housing. These intra -quarter gardens are widely opened towards large forests and make up a single whole with them. In the northern part of the territory, they are facing the Fili -Kuntsevsky Forest Park, in the southern – to the newly created central park zone along R. Film. The advantage of the planning solution is the care of the authors to the greenery available in the area. Architects sought to preserve all the gardens and individual trees existing on the territory of future buildings, organically included them in the landscaping system. As for taking into account the features of the relief, in the relatively successful interaction with the crossed nature of the terrain is only the general compositional construction of the development. In the planning solution, two compositional axes are clearly allocated. The longitudinal, as if created by nature itself, is a deep hollow, crossing from east to west the entire territory of Mazilovo and dividing the area into two separate residential arrays located north and south of the floodplain p. Film. Using this characteristic feature of the territory, the authors designed on picturesque ravines descending to the river and the Manilovsky pond, the general district park with an area of ​​64 hectares. This park rich in vegetation and reservoirs, according to the authors, will serve as a place of rest of the population and at the same time will enter the bright architectural and artistic element in the development ensemble. Well, if you want to live in the classic house of Stalinist architecture, what is the house in the LCD Housing Housing Party in Lansky with modern engineering solutions and layouts that the residents themselves implement in their individual projects.