Sala Phuket Resort: hotel review, honest reviews of visitors

As you could expect when arriving at Sala Phuket Resort & SPA employees of the travel agency were already waiting for us at the airport, we were met by a very cute and executive employee of the travel agency. I must say right away – this is the first hotel where you want to return again. The exceptional location of the hotel represents the opportunity without buying excursions to inspect all significant attractions. Most likely, you have to say something else about housing. The location is convenient. You won’t see it yet, it’s hard to understand, but then appreciate it. The hotel is impressive with its scope and grandeur. He, relatively new, with excellent numbers, pools, beautiful hall. Children’s animators tried, a large pool, a masseur works in the same place.

I really liked the food. In general, food “for slaughter”. Large selection of dishes. Drank tea, soda, drinks and water. Nearby there are a lot of cafes, all kinds of eatery, small shops, pharmacies. Goods are available. The hotel has a wonderful massage office with various types of massage. About the weather. There were some fears in the sense of weather, however, the rains were frail, but I wanted to fall under real tropical rain. Well, okay. We spent the whole vacation in Thailand as one day – a wonderful tour, a truly European hotel, when you still get to relax in Phuket, we will definitely try to sit in this hotel and we will advise friends. It was a magnificent tour on credit, for which I am very grateful to my friends, and above all to the family.