Suburban property uniting the whole family

Rest in the country is one of the traditional way of family pastime for the middle layers of citizens. Recall at least Chekhov. At the same time, the Moscow summer cottage vacation turned out to be especially characteristic and reflected in culture. The sale of suburban real estate in the suburbs worried not only the Chekhov heroes-people, it does not lose relevance and to this day. And today are those who purchase simply land plots to then build their own house on them, and those for whom to buy a cottage in the suburbs – the best solution to the “summer issue”. Even if it is a cottage village of economy, and not a luxury level, or, moreover, the cottage inherited from the older generation, the family is necessary.

The first and, perhaps, the most important – it is needed for the spring and summer holidays of children. Childhood without a village or country house becomes significantly poorer. On the other hand, buy a cottage in the suburbs – it can not always become a solution to the problem. It all depends on the situation. Sometimes located far from the most “elite” direction of the country or cottage village of economy class for a child is much better than a pompous suburban villa. True, the purchase and sale of suburban real estate in the suburbs are adult affairs, and the interests of the child are rarely taken into account.

In addition, suburban property often serves as a factor uniting a family into a single whole. At the same time, of course, it does not matter at all whether this is a kind of eighties and older, or a freshly built cottage, a cottage village of economy class or something widely known, and the like trifles. The main thing is that there is a gathering place and a point of common interests. On the other hand, if you buy a cottage in the suburbs in an unsuccessful place, family ties can do this. For example, you will have to ask family members with a car regularly reporting between the cottage and the city – and this is far from always convenient. This may seem like a little thing for many, and it is quite fair. But often precisely because of the little things, family problems begin.