The cost of housing in the suburbs: Features

Those who cannot afford apartments in the capital are buying housing in the near Moscow Region in order to gain a foothold in the region. In general, housing in developed cities of the region can be bought 20-25% cheaper than in the capital, but not in all settlements. So the most expensive housing in the Moscow region is offered in the cities of Zarechye, Reutov, Kotelniki, Krasnogorsk and Lyubertsy.

The most expensive apartments are sold in Zarechye. Residential “square” there costs 169 thousand. rubles, as in the new buildings of the business class in Old Moscow. You can buy an apartment in Zarechye at a price of 4.5 to 45 million. rubles. And the whole point is that the Zarechye is located near the Moscow Ring Road and the promising “Skolkovo”.

Housing in Reutov is also quite expensive – 102.5 thousand. rubles per square meter. You can buy the cheapest apartment there for 3.2 million. rubles. Given the costs of renovation renovation also can hardly be called an affordable city for the average resident of the capital. And all because of the proximity to the Novokosino metro station.

In Kotelniki, the price of the “square” is on average 95 thousand. rubles. The cheapest housing can be bought for 3.6 million. rubles. Housing in this village has recently rose, since the fast launch of the Kotelniki metro station is expected.In Krasnogorsk, a residential meter is offered for 88 thousand. rubles, the cheapest apartment costs there 2.7 million. rubles. This city has a good infrastructure, there is a railway message, and most importantly – only 2 kilometers to the Moscow Ring Road.

In the Lyubertsy, the “square” costs an average of 86 thousand. rubles, the cheapest housing – 2.7 million. rubles. They plan to open the subway station in Lyubertsy.

More attractive in price is the city of Dolgoprudny. One-room apartment there can be bought at a price of 3.3-5 million. rubles, and a two-room apartment-for 5.5-8 million. rubles.

Dolgoprudny is located further from the Moscow Ring Road than the above cities, but it has good transport accessibility. Within the city, 5 railway stations are located, and you can get to the nearest metro stations in 20 minutes.