What are the annuity agreement: Features

A lonely person who concludes an annuity agreement offers a rent payer to his own house or apartment. And therefore, many began to use the contract of life rent. After which, throughout their lives, they receive a monthly allowance. Annuity agreement can be two varieties. The first option assumes that the payer of the annuity must only pay lifelong rent. And in the second case, a contract for life content with dependent is concluded. The payer must provide the recipient with the means that he needs for life. He purchases products, drugs, and clothes. He must also take care of the recipient of rent and remove housing. This list of obligations is not accurate, the list of obligations is indicated in more detail in a particular contract, it can, both narrow and expand. The contract must provide for the possibility of replacing the content of a certain purpose of funds for the periodic payment, which should be indicated in the contract. It means that while the recipient can take care of himself, make purchases, he receives a certain amount of funds. When he begins to hurt a lot, and he can already take care of himself as before, then the rent payer begins to take care of the recipient on his own. Well, to buy a house from a beam inexpensively – visit the site Kostromskoi -Srub. ru. Only there you will find the best timber houses at a reasonable price. There is a chance that real estate will be returned to the renter when the rent payer is convicted that he unscrupulously fulfills his duties. But this possibility depends on the type of contract. If we are talking about an agreement in which the content with dependent is provided, then this can be done. In the case of a contract for lifelong rent, this becomes possible only if the property was alienated for free. To be able to conclude a contract for lifelong rent, in any case, the certification of a notary will require. The contract is considered valid only from the moment it was registered. When concluding the contract, it is necessary to carefully read the contract itself, it is important that it indicated exactly the person with whom you sign it. If inaccuracies are found in the document, and it has already been signed, then you can refuse to register it.