What are the native lands: features

Native lands are areas that are owned on which housing is located. Possession of a land plot implies freedom of choice, that is, the owner has the right to freely dispose of him, but the main thing should be under the law. You need to think about it before buying an apartment, because it can be better to buy native lands. In such areas, you can build a comfortable, cozy and large house.

Above the concept of native lands, one can understand such plots as land under the estate, land under the estates, land plots along IZHS, land for summer cottage construction. They have different destinies and, despite this, suggest the subsequent construction of buildings. But the type of building must be decided by yourself. Can be built as a large house, also a simple cozy house with a unique layout. You can also arrange the estate. Such buildings have been common for a long time. Several generations lived in such estates, and they were inherited.

Everyone can make ordinary plots native lands for people for people who will be purchased as housing for permanent or temporary residence. Therefore, you should choose such a land that is convenient for building a settlement, and which will be an ideal place to live. The most profitable investment of monetary assets is the land near Moscow. Practice has shown that even resale of plots will allow you to have income from approximately 20-25%.