What depends on the disposal of prices for apartments: what to take into account

If we analyze the spread of prices for apartments in houses under construction, depending on the location of objects in the regions of the region, then this spread is quite large. If in the most expensive real estate area near Moscow, prices are an average of 404 dollars per square meter. meter, then in the cheapest – only $ 316 per square meter. meter. At the same time, the fall in low-quality housing (poor layouts, unsuccessful location) continues to fall. In accordance with this, high -quality housing prices begin to rise up. At the same time, the average prices for standard housing are actually at one level. Experts note another fact – recently in Moscow, the prices of brick housing are reduced by rapidly. In addition, the price of 1 kV. m of standard housing is also reduced with an increase in the number of rooms in the apartment – the more there are, the lower the cost. However, this trend does not apply to 4 and more indoor apartments, since it is this type of apartments that satisfies the demand of consumers focusing on the quality of the product, and not on its cost.

In general, the weighted average price of the proposal of. meters of housing in the secondary market in all areas of Moscow today is approximately 350 dollars per square meter. meter, while in the primary market it is $ 300. However, an excess of offers plays the value of the price.

In the secondary market, you can also observe the picture when an excess of offers exerts a lower pressure on the price.