What does the Hotel Russia represent: Features

Among those who are constantly traveling around the country, without getting out of business trips, two camps have long been formed. Some advocate that when arriving in the city, it is necessary to look for the owners of the apartments who rent them for the daily. Others talk about a more traditional option: you need to settle in the hotel and live and work calmly, giving all household problems to the hotel staff. As practice shows, both options have the right to life, although it all depends on the city in which you arrive, as well as on your financial situation. The larger the city, the more expensive a rented apartment with decent conditions will cost, while hotels and hotels have rooms of different classes. A great option for living can be the hotel Russia, St. Petersburg can rightfully be proud of it. Here you will be offered a high -level service that you really like. The numbers are comfortable and quite comfortable, even the simplest of them have everything necessary for a long stay. It is only necessary to go from the hotel to the airport from the hotel, you will need about the same period of time to get to the historical center. Ten minutes is a sports and concert complex of St. Petersburg, in which all exhibition and sports events are held. Not far away, the Moscow Park Victory Park is spread, on the territory of which you can perfectly pass the evening. The hotel has not only rooms for living, but also convenient modern conference rooms, as well as several restaurants with perfect kitchen.