What is the real estate market of the Philippines

The Filippines real estate market is a market that has not undergone almost any changes during the crisis. Experts say that during the Asian crisis of 1997-1998, this market became even more stable. It must also be said that local peso is subject to much less fluctuations that the monetary currencies of other nearest countries.

This is the most promising market in Southeast Asia. The most common buyers are immigrants from China, USA, New Zealand. Many investors who want to get real estate here are looking for new opportunities to earn. There are many options in the Philippines for this.

The most promising places for investment are land on the shore, especially since it is much cheaper there.

However, there are small dangers that may push away from the purchase in the Philippines, for example, the presence of a volcano in this territory. For example, in 2007, about 10 thousand people were evacuated from the island as a result of a danger associated with the eruption of a volcano. Therefore, there are still risks.

When buying such real estate, you need to get a cadastral passport. Cadastral passport – one of the elements of the emerging modern system of accounting for real estate objects. This is a necessary item.

Recently, the influence of the Asian crisis has contributed to the fact that real estate prices have decreased. This attracts more buyers. This allows you to increase demand.