What is the rehabilitation and restoration program of Fango

The exclusive program of the hotel is the thermal rehabilitation and restoration program of Fango & A form that will help restore physical shape, increase muscle tone, relieve muscle contractures, get rid of back pain and improve the spine. The program is recommended both for those who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system (such as arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, lumbago, Ishias, chronic back pain), and for those who simply want to keep themselves in perfect form, gain psychophysical balance and get rid of the consequences of stress (such as chronic fatigue, fatigue, insomnia).Thermal program Fango & The form includes:- medical consultation with the services of a Russian-speaking translator;- six sessions of mud in Fango & The form according to the innovative thermal method;- grass cleansing the deckct at the beginning of the mud and toning milk serum at its end;- six thermal baths with tonic, strengthening, drainage hydraulic expenses;- six individually selected procedures with a duration of 58 minutes each (therapeutic, drainage, sports, sports, sports, sports anti-stress and oriental massages, anti-cellulite body procedures using an exclusive line of thermal cosmetics, grootta-slim bandages for weight loss, lymphatic drainage, press therapy and muscle stimulation)- six classes aimed at increasing muscle tone;- Thermal Spa Card club card (visiting thermal pools equipped with hydromassage, health paths, virpul, jacuzzi, thermal grotto, which increases the protective functions of the body, gym, cycling in picturesque surroundings).Program cost – 922 euros. Staying on vacation in this exclusive hotel will allow you not only to regain your health and gain an excellent physical shape, but, thanks to the successful location of the resort, discover such cities-monuments as Paduya (the city of Giotto and Donatello), Venice (pearls of the Adriatic) , Verona (the city of Romeo and Juliet). As well as less well -known, but no less picturesque medieval cities with centuries -old history, spreading on the slopes of the Terms of the Eugan hills surrounding Abano.