What is the role of the sommelier is deprived in restaurants: what to take into account

Probably, few people know that in the restaurant one of the most important and main people is a sommelier and a chef. These two people, if they are professionals, bring the restaurant the biggest profit. After all, in the restaurant, the main source of income is food and drinks.

Sommelier is one of the youngest professions and many people have only worked for about 3 years, they begin to understand that this is not their craft.

In order to understand myself, it is worth asking myself the question: what am I striving for in my work and why I do it? What awaits me in 5-10 years? You should think carefully about these questions, because the answers are not as simple as they seem. There are such guys who are sure that they are a sommelier only by learning to decant wine, and understanding the wine regions of countries such as France and Italy. And there are those who believe that the victory at the Ukrainian sommelier contest means that you can no longer worry, everything has already been achieved and do not even take the glass. And there are those that are sure that this is a hobby for their whole life. Which requires constant perfection and development, but at the same time it remains interesting, fascinating and creative.

One of the main problems of sommelier and chef is the wall that they are separated by each other. It can be mutual unwillingness or fear of releasing your secrets. However, for good, fruitful work, it is necessary to end this wall and begin to get closer. To do this, you can treat the chef with wine, or offering customers to remember some brand about their neighboring colleague. In addition, try to figure out the menu, tastes and sauces, to correctly choose exactly the grade of wine that will complement this or that dish, or help choose a delicious dish.

Work on the selection of your own wine card, even if the owner does not support your gaze. Prove to him that you can make money and for this you need what you ask. If you were not able to convince the owner, then select an alternative map, which should differ in freshness, juicy, interesting and individual.

Summing up, we can definitely say that sommelier is at the same time an interesting and very difficult work that requires return of the soul.