Which apartment or house can be bought on the sunny shore

Very little time has passed since the collapse of the USSR. And therefore, some features of life in the Soviet Union are still fresh in memory. For example, in the USSR, free travel abroad was prohibited. To go abroad, it was necessary to meet the many criteria and undergo a check of the State Security Committee, and such a check with the interview was carried out twice, before traveling abroad and upon returning to the Soviet Union. In addition, the departure was allowed only mainly to the countries of the socialist camp: Bulgaria, Yugoslavia or the maximum of the GDR. From these countries, Soviet people brought all kinds of deficiency. That is why a trip abroad was such an important event. Most often, the inhabitants of the USSR visited Bulgaria. After all, Bulgaria in those days even seriously considered the possibility of joining the Soviet Union. In addition, Bulgaria is a Slavic state with a similar language, culture and religion. In addition in Bulgaria, a wonderful climate that allows you to relax in the country as in a resort. And then, and today, Bulgaria was of interest to tourists and travelers. After the collapse of the USSR, modern Bulgaria changed polarity and integrated into Europe, became part of the European Union and the North-Atlantic Alliance. All of the above makes housing in Bulgaria very popular. So real estate of the Sunny Beach near the center in Bulgaria costs as much as in Germany and other European countries. The current housing in Bulgaria is a combination of European quality and Slavic comfort. In addition, it was Bulgaria who became one of the first countries in which they began to build the so -called environmentally friendly housing, and naturally the cost of such housing is an order of magnitude higher than the cost of ordinary housing. Investments in real estate in Bulgaria will pay off with more than, as this country will always attract Russian tourists.