Why did real estate prices fall in the USA: reasons

The cost of housing in America reached the highest point five years ago, and in 2007 they began to fall a little, then the United States pursued shocking years, but they did not reach the bottom. This year, prices fall further.

Over the past year, housing has become cheaper than 1.7 trillion. dollars. And over the past five years, its cost has become less than 9 trillion. dollars. During the first three months of this year, the cost of apartments and houses in America fell by another 4.2%. If you are interested in US property, buy it today at 2002 prices.

Americans scare the highest level of unemployment and instability in the economic sphere, they do not dare to acquire new houses, as a result, sellers are not able to find buyers on their property and then reduce prices. Sometimes renting a mansion for a year will be even more expensive than buying it.

According to statistics, the number of inexpensive houses sold has become more than several times. So, for each object of real estate acquired for more than 1 million. dollars, 22 buildings were sold, the cost of which is below 100 thousand. dollars.