Classification of restaurants in New York: what type to choose

New York is a world famous city. People of various nationalities live in it. It’s just a mini-world. Each area of ​​the city is some kind of diaspora. They are original and unique. There are Russian quarters, Jewish, Polish, Chinese … Each quarter has its own schools, churches, hotels, shops and restaurants that give memories of the homeland.

New York restaurants again the most unusual in the world. The newest is Clothing Optional Dinner, a restaurant with a veranda for nudists. People come here to feel free, eat and relax. It is located in the very center of Manhatten.

There is a Twins restaurant right there, it is unusual in that all the staff consists of twin steam steam.

For lovers of glamor there is a restaurant a down blanket. Here everything is decorated in the form of a cozy pink-zeophir bedroom. Clients eat on chic beds. And at the entrance, everyone gives robes and slippers.

Business meetings, daily lunch, family dinner and friendly parties are held in restaurants. Weddings, christening and birthdays. Each New York has its own favorite restaurant. By the way, these are often small family companies, but there are also worldwide scrolling brands.

There are national restaurants in which the original national dishes of Chinese, Indian, Mexican and other kitchens of the world are preparing.

There are a lot of Russians. This is Uncle Vanya, and Tatyana, and Carousel.

Imitates an ordinary old Russian restaurant with a veranda, samovar and drying the establishment Russian samovar. Here everything is like in the old days of merchants and cherry jam in a saucer. Waiters go in roostering and chrome boots. Be sure to mention guests with cranberry pouring. In the menu of sturgeon and stitching, red and black caviar, well, other traditional dishes of Russian cuisine: hazel grouse, ear, dawn. You can feel in pre -revolutionary Russia.