Distinctive features of Moscow restaurants: how to choose

It’s hard to believe, but what two hundred years ago, not a single restaurant could not be found in Moscow. In this case, we are not talking about taverns and roadside taverns, but about institutions where a person of noble origin could not fear for his life to dine and have a good time in the circle of his friends.

In Rus’, among the nobility, it was customary to meet guests with a bread table at home. In the taverns, they basically bite and drank artisans, merchants and other ordinary people. The atmosphere in such institutions was far from the restaurant. They walked in Russian, on a large scale, beating furniture and dishes, without sparing the floor and everyone who was nearby at that time. But it was in such institutions, where there was no European expansion that was truly Russian, made according to ancient Russian traditions. For example, in the Testov tavern, the royal persons sometimes loved to dine

The first restaurant appeared in Moscow, called “Yar”. The great Pushkin wrote about him, the gypsies praised him in his romances, Czechs, Kuprin, Andreev, Gorky and notorious throughout the world, Grishka Raskutin loved him to rest in his romances.

The Slavic Bazaar, which opened in 1874, was the most expensive and luxurious establishment of the time where the waiters were already served by visitors.

Today, many restaurants in Moscow adhere to Russian traditions, and give their guests only dishes of national cuisine, in the interior under the taverns of pre -revolutionary Russia. They are much more popular than restaurants with Japanese, Chinese or European cuisine. A trip to such a restaurant will always be a great vacation, which will be remembered for a long time. You can invite the girl on a date here or in order to make a marriage proposal, celebrate a birthday, wedding or hold a solemn event.