Features of the real estate market in London

London, according to public opinion, is the capital that gave the world cinema, rock and roll, football. This city has become a major business center, which gives work to a huge number of people. Britain is also a training center. In these universities, children of wealthy people study, and obtaining education in this country gives guaranteed, prestigious work. Therefore, the purchase of housing in London has always been and will be a good investment of money (as if you decided to buy jewelry from precious metals or, say, gold ingots), because the cost of apartments is constantly growing. A feature of the purchase of housing here is that foreigners have exactly the same rights to buy real estate as local residents. The purchase procedure is not complicated, there is no paperwork. When the buyer chose the necessary housing, then, taking the lawyer to help, negotiations begin with the seller. The assistant is simply indispensable, because it is his view that makes it possible to reduce prices, to understand where the cost of the apartment comes from and understand the details of the transaction. The duties of the seller include the provision of all information about the sold object. Local banks easily provide loans for the purchase of housing after providing a certificate with an expert assessment of the house. After the transfer of contracts to each other, lawyers make up a merchant, this is a document that needs to be registered. In the contract, an obligatory clause is an indication of the terms of payment of the amount of purchase. And finally, filling out a special form, which confirms the end of the transaction. Real estate in this city is sold both with a land plot and separately. You can just live in a purchased house, paying rent for land to the owner. Real estate rental is also practiced here. Rent is carried out both for a short time, from 5 to 10 years, and for long to 99 years. The main factors that attract buyers, except for the above, are the lack of taxes for the acquisition of real estate for non -citizens of the country, the low cost of legal services, the ability to issue a bank loan, the amount of which may be 70% of the total cost. Thanks to all this, London, according to experts, has become the best place to invest in real estate. Perhaps it is there that there is a profitable place that is waiting for you?