How much is real estate in Greece: Features

Real estate in such a country in the European Union as Greece is in great demand among buyers from abroad. And there is an explanation for this – in addition to the beautiful climate, excellent conditions for doing business have been created here. And prices in Greece are one of the most affordable in the entire European Union, however, this should be written more about this.

As for the prices of Greek real estate, this country attracts customers that everyone can find real estate to their taste. For example, in the Greek capital of Athens, you can completely freely buy an apartment where a square meter will cost 1000 euros, though you should not count on the fact that it will be in the prestigious area of ​​the city.

And if you have significant financial resources, then you need to count on the fact that you will have to pay up to 8,000 euros per square meter – this is the cost of real estate in the prestigious area of ​​Athens. I must say that in addition to the capital, real estate in the suburbs is very popular. Here, a fully equipped house with a site will cost a price of 600 to 1000 euros per square meter. You can also buy a house on the seashore, but you must immediately count on the fact that its cost will be more expensive – about 200 – 250 thousand euros. However, the price includes both construction and land plot. It should also be noted that the price of real estate in Greece depends on the floor – the higher, the more expensive.