How much will the chopped house cost: price factors

In his life, a man must: plant a tree, grow a son and build a house! Of course, building a house is the most difficult enterprise that requires a lot of money, effort, time and knowledge. Having decided to start construction, you need to decide on the project of the house and the material from which your “fortress” will be. The house should be beautiful, durable, cozy and warm, as well as the most reliable. Houses that correspond to all of the above parameters are chopped houses of which the price of which can pleasantly surprise you. The traditional chopped house is erected from coniferous wood. Such houses have their own advantages: first of all, it should be noted that this is housing from environmentally friendly material in which it is excellent to spend time, relax and sleep sweetly. It is known that the tree has low thermal conductivity, which means that in the summer in your house it will not be stuffy and hot, and in winter the house will perfectly preserve heat. Also, wooden walls support optimal humidity inside the house. Another advantage of chopped houses is that they are being erected in a rather short time, and have been serving for decades!