How the real estate market develops in Bulgaria

Favorable natural-climatic conditions of Bulgaria, its geographical location, the economic and political situation made its investmently attractive for a business related to real estate.

The mass interest of investors of the real estate business in Bulgaria arose about 10 years ago, when a comfortable rural house could be purchased for 3-4 thousand euros. For the first investors – the British and Irish, who had extensive experience in conducting real estate transactions in Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, the cost of the house in Bulgaria was their two -time salary.

After 2002, real estate prices increased sharply, and this process continued until 2007. At the time of the global economic crisis, real estate prices decreased by 8-10%.

Currently, the interest of investors in different countries, including from the Russian Federation, does not weaken in the real estate market of Bulgaria. Apartments and houses by the sea are actively bought, and in rural areas. According to experts, prices are quite objective, especially compared to the housing boom that was observed a couple of years ago. The average price of an apartment in a good area of ​​Bulgaria is 30 thousand euros, in the Czech Republic of a similar class apartment costs 50-70 thousand euros.

Plavdiv, Sofia, Varna – the most suitable cities for renting housing. This is due to the massive influx of people who are looking for work in large cities of Bulgaria.

Modern Rielter business Bulgaria provides customers with a wide range of housing: from excellent apartments on the sea coast to a chic variety of city apartments and idyllic comfort of rural houses.

However, the trend in real estate prices in Bulgaria does not weaken, but it will increase steadily.