How to buy a new office at a bargain price and inexpensively make repairs

Buying a premises for a new office forced us to seriously think about repairs, while the office wandered from one rented room to another, we somehow did not really attach importance to the room, but now it’s time to settle in our own, there was something to think about. Difficulties began immediately. Right from the door. The entrance to a small mansion closed the banal, touched by rust and decorated with half-peeling green and blue, iron door. Strong and terrible. However, it was no better further than. Explified clicked floors, rolled walls and windows with rotten frames. In general, the type of room is depressing, but if you remember for what kind of money we got the mansion, then you can safely invest in repairs. The main thing is that the walls are strong and will serve for a very long time.

To treat the repair with low blood, they decided to perform the entire finish except the floors from the MDF, especially since we ourselves produce it. That is, for our own needs, all panels will cost us at cost. On that and decided. The internal doors were collected on a wooden frame with a mobile material of cavities and a casing of laminated MDF panels. The walls were also sheathed with MDF panels, inexpensive and beautiful enough. I had to fork out on the windows, plastic double -glazed windows were installed. They were able to cut the sex board themselves from the purchased forest, the benefit of the dryer is powerful, so the board was prepared thoroughly.

A month later, it was already possible to move to a new office. As for the abundance of MDF panels in it, is only an additional advertisement for our production. Could the windows from it made it. So what?

The material is excellent, beautiful, durable. We laminate as you like, and now they have also mastered the venction. So orders will probably be, and not small. The chef is thinking in general and starting furniture production, but so far there are not enough rooms, however, this is a profit. We will earn and build. This is now just a matter of time.