How to choose a room for opening a restaurant: what to take into account

The restaurant is a specific object, therefore, when choosing a premises for its placement and preparing a lease agreement, it is necessary to determine many issues. All issues must be set out in the lease before its conclusion by the parties. Any rental of the premises entails the conclusion and signing of the relevant contract. As the rules such an agreement are called a lease of non -residential premises. The purpose of its conclusion is to ensure the protection of the rights of the lessor and the tenant by the law. All important points and conditions for the provision of the premises for rent should be displayed in such a contract, this applies to the lease, the cost of a square meter, etc. D. To avoid disputes and problems in the future, the parties must discuss and prescribe the amounts and terms of rental payments in the lease agreement. It is imperative not to miss utility and possible additional payments that may occur during the operation of the room. To discuss the procedure for carrying out current and overhaul. The correct, complete and competent filling of the contract will be the guarantor that the court will not be able to recognize such an agreement invalid. Separately, it is worth prescribing the rules for using the adjacent territory and payment for its use, since this amount is not included in the rent. Separate expenses must be taken out for the export of waste, the protection of the premises and the use of a fire alarm. Communication services will also not be included in the rental price. It is profitable for the tenant to conclude an agreement for a longer period with a fixed rent, such a item will protect him from increasing the rent for the rent throughout the operation of the contract. If you do not need troubles, then do not even think about concluding oral agreements, it will be almost impossible to prove them in the future.