How to correctly place a house on a land plot

Before buying a house and knowing that a high -speed automobile highway has been laid in the neighborhood that many people think that to cope with the problem of unwanted noise. The methods used to combat excessive external noise: blinds on windows, windows with a high class of sound insulation, earthen shaft or green hedge do not help to significantly lower the noise background. You need to understand that noise protection is very painstaking and expensive. Also, for a good home, it is best to use a fence made of corrugated board, it is much better and stronger than a wooden.

Before starting construction, analyze the placement of the nearest noise sources well. According to the requirements of sanitary norms, the distance from the noise source to the residential building should be at least. The exception may be with an earthen embankment or building, then the distance between the source of unwanted noise and the residential building can be reduced to 200 m. This very critical requirement must be strictly observed otherwise the developer risks the risk of learning a schedule of trains passing by and determined by ear to a brand past a passing truck.

The more intense traffic on the highway near the house, the more the distance from the noise source should be beaten. By a simple distance, this distance can be withdrawn by counting the number of cars passed by the house and dividing by ten. For example, if five hundred cars have traveled in one hour, then the distance should be at least fifty meters.