What are hostels for workers

A lot of people have always come to Moscow to work in Moscow. Unlimited possibilities are opened by the capital to everyone. The high level of salaries in Moscow allows you to maintain entire families in the outbacks of the country or former Soviet republics. In principle, the only problem that can prevent earnings in the metropolitan metropolis is the lack of affordable housing. After all, Moscow real estate is satisfied with the road, and housing here should be economically justified for visitors to work.

Especially for solving such housing problems, there are hostels for workers, affordable and designed for a long term of residence. They are landscaped hotels with a convenient location in quick accessibility to the metro station.

Such dormitories are equipped with excellent kitchens equipped with all the necessary modern technology, showers and toilets in sufficient quantities for a comfortable living. Rooms can accommodate from 2 to 12 people.

The safety of the residents is ensured by a strict bandwidth, reliable fire alarm and notification. Comfort is supported by careful staff, daily maintenance of cleanliness and regular change of bedding. Noise -insulated rooms are equipped with all the necessary furniture: two -tier beds with orthopedic mattresses, cabinets, TVs and refrigerators. And the adjacent territories are equipped with parking spaces.

Modern dormitories for workers and guests of the capital meet all the requirements of comfortable residence and rest.