What factors the price of brick houses depend on

More and more people want not to purchase, but to build their own structure themselves. This is mainly due to the lack of high-quality and inexpensive buildings in the real estate market. Quality assurance, the structure will entirely depend on the rationality and competent approach of the developer. You should start with the selection of the site, as the building is designed by leaving its features. Recently, the Madera a is often found, it is not very expensive.

As for the material side of construction, here you can invest in different numbers.

If there are not enough funds to build a house of the required value, it is worth considering alternative saving options. In the first case, you can simply slightly reduce the area of ​​the house, or purchase an old house with the prospect of completion or restructuring.

It is worth considering which material to choose, because the main cost of the structure depends on the material of the box. A house made of wood or frame will be about 20 – 30 % cheaper than a stone.

Stone houses are of different costs. The structure and ceramic materials will be 5 to 10% more expensive than a house from aerated concrete. In addition, while doing something yourself you can save up to even 30% of the cost. The location and remoteness from the center will also affect the price, but here you can save only on the acquisition of the site.