What factors to take into account when renting or renting a one -room apartment

Rent or rent a one -room apartment in a metropolis as Moscow is not a problem. But it is hardly possible to find the tenant and the lessor whose relations would be perfect, but in order for them to be under the established agreement, this can be achieved.

Most often, disputes arise on the basis of broken things and the wear of the situation. If you rent an apartment for a long time, 3-4 years, of course, the wallpaper will become faded, whitewashing will be crumbled in some places, the pipes will begin to rust. In this case, the owner of the apartment may demand that the tenant make repairs at his own expense. But this is not provided for by law, because this is the natural wear of the apartment, the costs of which are already laid down in the rent. But if you broke the TV or killed the dishes (if the apartment was rented out with the dishes), then you will have to reimburse the damage caused.

The next point is rent. Always take a receipt that you paid the rent. A typical example: you rent an apartment, have been living for more than a year, t. e. You have paid a rent more than 12 times. When you are going to move out for some reason, the owner of the apartment reports that you missed the rent for one month. What you paid clearly and constantly every month, you will have to prove through the court. Such problems can be avoided with a receipt on payment.

For tenants, renting an apartment may not turn into income, but with losses if the tenant moved without paying for utilities, telephone, Internet. To avoid this, check the payment receipts every month.

There are also problems when the landlord did not find tenants for his announcement: I will rent a 2-room apartment. Often in such cases he gives her to relatives or simply acquaintances for less money. Of the purely business relations, such relationships become friendly. T. e. the tenant can delay the payment for several months and, having broken something, just apologize. It hits Areddel’s pocket. On the other hand, he can already be very obsessive and run to tea when he wants to, what is already bored with the tenant.

So that the rental is not a burden if you decide to rent 3 room apartments for rent and if you intend to rent a one -room apartment for long -term rent, always conclude an agreement and act as part of it.