What real estate do young families buy in Omsk

Omsk – the second largest city in Siberia. It is an administrative center for the area of ​​the same name. More than one million people live in Omsk. This ancient city is increasing every year and therefore there is a need to expand the housing stock. Like throughout the country, the cost of real estate in Omsk is high and there is practically no ability to buy an apartment in a new building from the most part of the population and there is practically in the secondary market or it is associated with difficulties. Young families buy housing on credit or maternity capital. However, there is another trend. Financial and secured layer of citizens is ready to invest in the construction of new houses and apartments from the developer. Construction in Omsk is carried out by specialized organizations, new buildings and structures are annually erected, but the proposal is not equally in demand. Construction companies provide services of various quality work and price. Specialists of their business work in some firms, while other companies operate the work of migrant workers. The results of the work of builders are very important for the population of Omsk, because the strength of the ceilings and other parts of the residential building is vital for its residents. It should be noted that real estate in Omsk is represented by historical old buildings, multi -storey Khrushchevs and the private sector. The houses of the Khrushchev period are in very poor condition, are constantly being repaired. In total, about two hundred such houses were recorded. The construction of new buildings and structures in the city center occurs due to the demolition of dilapidated housing. New shopping centers and shops, as well as multi -storey buildings of a new type are being built. The private sector occupies an area of ​​about 30% of the entire city and has undergone changes over the past decade.