How to rent a recreation center for family holidays

Only at our database the rental of a cottage in the region will be a joy

Modern tourism is a five -star hotel with a million visitors, a small villa in the West, and an old hotel in developing African countries, and renting a cottage in large megacities. If 15 years ago the world tourist industry worked for the quantity, today – the quality has become much more worried. The development of private tourism is facilitated by active urbanization of the population.

Cities increase, villages decrease, five -star hotels with huge dance sites attract less and fewer vacationers, because we are going to rest, first of all, from urban noise. Private tourism found a solution and coped with many sore problems. Calm, comfort and unforgettable rest today is able to give renting a cottage in the field of Leningrad.

The recreation center near the northern capital is living in a zone equipped with modern park, ponds, ponds, comfortable houses with beds for a different number of visitors, fireplaces, barbecue, cafe in the territory, rental of any type of extreme transport and, of course, the fabulous nature of Karelia. Therefore, rent a house in the region for several days and renting a cottage in the field of St. Petersburg is now such a popular solution from tourists.

But the most pleasant moment is that private rest in the vicinity of the Northern capital attracts not only the inhabitants of our region, but also guests from the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. Even foreigners find that the rental of a cottage in the field of Leningrad is a sauna and national Russian fishing, and more recently, the residents of Finland visited large stones who admitted that the rest in Russia has entered the international level.

Renting a cottage in the field of St. Petersburg today is one of the most fashionable destinations in Russian tourism, it is not for nothing that they are good at a party and at home is always better and more comfortable.