What you need to know about Moscow hostels

A huge number of people come to Moscow every day. They come here for various reasons: someone wants to earn money, someone comes to study, and someone for business negotiations.

Since Moscow is the capital of our state, there can be many reasons to come here. A large tributary of people to Moscow creates a need to place them, since based on a well -known saying, “Moscow is not rubber”. For this, in Moscow there are a huge number of hotels, hotels and dormitories located in the most different price qualifications. One of the most popular, but at the same time the most inexpensive hostels in Moscow is a “dormitory on Podbelski”.“Dormitory on Podbelsky” is called the street on which it is located, or rather, along the metro station, next to which is located. The proximity to the subway is one of the main advantages of this hostel. The hostel itself consists of many rooms equipped with binterous beds, tables and chairs, as well as cabinets for storing personal belongings and refrigerators for storing products. Among other things, moist cleaning of the premises is carried out daily, and once every ten days a bed underwear changes. On each floor of the hostel there are common kitchens equipped with shells, electric stoves and tables. There are also common bathrooms on each floor. Showers are located on the lower floor of the building and are divided into male and female. Prices for a place in a hostel depend on which room the guest will rent a place: there are eight -seater and four -seater rooms in the hostel. Thus, the more the interested person has neighbors, the cheaper the bed will be – the place rented by him. Also, the price will depend on how specific the term plans to settle.