Why do Odessa and Kyiv prefer to rent an office

Offices that are offered in Kiev can be divided into four types. The first type includes premises that are in separate non -residential buildings. They are well adapted for placing a variety of offices. In such premises, a ventilation system has been installed, computer wiring was carried out and repair was made. Office centers of this type are guarded by professional companies. The most important drawback of such offices is their cost. In the center of Kyiv, it reaches eighty euros in one square meter.

The second type includes office premises that are in ordinary non -residential buildings. This includes administrative buildings, for example, industrial buildings or storage facilities that are equipped for office premises.

The third type of office premises includes offices that are located in the housing stock. This category includes residential buildings and apartments. The rental of office premises in residential property is much cheaper than office premises in a non -residential fund.

The fourth type includes non -residential premises that are in residential buildings. Such rooms are on the first floors and in the basements. The cost of rental rents depends on the floor and location. The rental of such office premises is interesting to those people whose business is associated with the need for signs and great attendance.