Why do you need to repair the apartment before sale

Sellers of apartments are thinking about making repairs in the apartment before sale. Nevertheless, before starting repair work, it is advisable to understand whether it is profitable or not. Experts who are selling apartments argue that the attractiveness of housing can be a decisive factor for making a decision on buying. Small cosmetic repairs are able to add up to 20 % to the cost of the housing sold. Particular attention should be paid to the tidy of the hallway and putting cleanliness in the front door, several light bulbs and the washed stairwell will not be superfluous. Experts advise to abandon the author’s repairs, because in 99 % of cases buyers will decide that it requires remaking in accordance with their ideas. Carrying out copyright repairs before putting up real estate for sale will require tangible financial costs, and pay more for an apartment with copyright repairs, which must be redone, it is unlikely that anyone will want. According to experts, housing purchased for 200 thousand dollars and which has been invested as much for repairs, can be sold no more than 300-320 thousand dollars, so the money spent on the repair will simply not pay off. In the segment of elite housing in the real estate market there are buyers who are ready to purchase both an apartment with expensive repairs and apartments for finishing. Most often, such apartments can be purchased in elite new buildings. Among apartments with a price of 300 to 500 thousand dollars, the ratio between apartments with and without repair is about 30 % by 70 %. The difference in the cost of objects with and without and without it can reach thousands of dollars per square meter. Apartments worth 500-700 thousand dollars with repair and without repair are sold in a ratio of 50 to 50, but real estate requirements with this cost are high, customers evaluate the quality of the house in which the apartment is located, the location, the age of the house, adjacent infrastructure, the contingent of the residents, and the parking , opening from the window view. Among apartments worth 700 thousand dollars and above, they most often purchase apartments with a ready -made repair using natural finishing materials, copyright elements of the interior, exclusive furniture, design innovations and high -quality technical equipment.