ZIPF conditions: what to pay attention to, differences

If you are going to build a building on the municipal or state lands that were transferred to the ZIPF, then the above conditions will be very important in such a situation. Then any representative of the municipality or constituent entity of the Russian Federation, in whose ownership these lands are located, will be able to take part in the adoption of any decisions, as it will be in the investment committee of the fund. Each participant in the investment committee has the right to apply a veto when concluding a transaction for the sale of property of the fund or to any other transactions. If the constituent entities of the Russian Federation or any municipalities will bring land plots to ZPIF, private individuals will finance the project itself, then this type of partnership will help to significantly reduce housing prices. This will happen because the lands will already be provided for construction under the funds of the fund, and they cannot come to buy. The method of transferring land to ZPIF, even before the conclusion of the construction contract makes it possible to organize competitions to select contractors. Here they put their criteria, which the contestant must meet. The main of them is the cost of the construction object, the most minimum is welcome. Participants do not strive to increase the price of land or rent. Those who are trying to establish their prices can be found very often at ordinary competitions in construction sites.