5 star hotel “Sheraton Nevsky Palace”

At the end of summer, in the St. Petersburg 5-star hotel “Sheraton Nevsky Palace” is open to guests of the increased comfort of Towers. This project was first implemented in the northern capital. The 7th floor of the hotel was converted under Towers, for which I had to abandon one “presidential” Lux, which became a cozy living room.

Only on this floor are batteries around the clock (butler). Guests of the 7th floor are registered separately from the general flow of customers. When meeting in the hotel lobby, they are offered champagne and soft drinks, butler or administrators of the reception and accommodation service in the room. As free services, baggage unpacking, ironing of two things, tea or coffee in a room with a morning call of a wake. Breakfast included in the price of the room is supplied in the living room of the floor, where tea, coffee, cookies, fruits, cocktails, canapes, hot snacks are also offered during the day. Towers has a small conference room.

Of the 50th floor numbers, the area of ​​15 is more standard, which allowed them to equip them with the secretaries, ready to connect personal computers “Nout-booc” and other office equipment, as well as compact devices combining the functions of fax, xerox and printer.

The cost of accommodation in Towers by $ 25-30 per day is more expensive than on other floors of the hotel, however, the director of sales and marketing of the hotel Mr. Pedro Vlades is sure that in a few months the Towers floor load will exceed the average hotel. So far, in Russia, only the Moscow Hotel “Sheraton Palace” has a similar floor of increased comfort.